End-to-End Synthetic Monitoring

Simplify Application Performance Monitoring and Website Testing with Catchpoint.

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Global Visibility

Run uptime and performance checks from more than 850 synthetic monitors around the world.

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Proactive Insights

Detect performance issues across applications and service delivery chain before end users are impacted.


Automated Testing  

Reduce configuration toil and errors by automating more than 20 types of synthetic tests.

Proactive Performance and Availability Monitoring

Gain global visibility into performance and availability using last-mile, backbone, cloud, and wireless synthetic monitors.  

  • Emulate end user experience with real browser testing.

  • Prevent SLA breaches with API, CDN, DNS, and SaaS synthetic testing.

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API Dashboard

Track Business Transactions and User Journeys

Simulate website interactions and processes with user journey transaction testing. 

  • Easy to use editor records standard web protocols and custom scripts using selenium.

  • Trigger alerts for each step of critical business transactions for faster MTTR.

Reduce Toil with Test Automation

Spend less time and energy maintaining legacy systems, fixing broken tests, and responding to false alarms.

  • Reduce false negatives from failed tests with automatic ping, traceroute, and DNS traversal checks.

  • Capture, automate, and replay multi-step transactions with the Catchpoint Recorder, a Selenium-based Chrome extension.

Recorder API

We provide a consumerized-style web experience both directly and via our APIs so users expect reliable access and fast performance. That makes it table stakes to understand the customer experience, and Catchpoint plays an increasingly valuable role in helping Box achieve that."

Dan Dennhardt

Senior Product Manager


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