What Is SRE from Anywhere?


It’s been a whole century year since we hosted SRE from Home! While many of us may still be working from home, we’re bringing the SRE community event back to explore how the year that changed everything is making us more resilient and how we’re building the future. ​


SRE from Anywhere is our follow up event from SRE from Home. This annual Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) community ​event focuses on what it means to be an SRE. It’s designed to create a forum where the community discusses topics that are relevant and purposeful in the day and life of site reliability engineers. Through talks, polling, and panel discussions, SRE from Anywhere will explore how SREs are preparing for the future and what we can learn from each other.  ​


Share Your Story With a Community of SREs!

Take the mic at this year's SRE from Anywhere! There are multiple engagement formats to choose from. If you want to participate in this event, share your ideas, or educate your peers on lessons learned, we want to hear from you! 

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Key Dates

CFP Opens: February 25th

CFP Closes: April 11th

Speaker Notifications: April 20th 

Event Date: June 10th


SRE For SREs By SREs – and Which Soapbox To Stand On. 

SRE from Anywhere is all about the SRE community, so get involved. This year’s event has panel discussions, practitioner sessions, and lightning talks. So many choices! Do you have a cool idea, a set of tips, or an interpretive dance that shows how you and your team have mastered SRE? If so…pitch it! 

Don't have dance partner or feeling like your home office walls are closing in on your imagination? Below are some ideas to get your juices flowing.

Suggested Themes:

  • What changes made during the pandemic will become permanent practices as we get through 2021 and enter 2022?

  • Has your organization started to build a Platform Operations team, and how is that helping/hindering the SRE function?

  • NetSecDevOps…is there true alignment? If so, how did does it work? If not, what needs to be done to make it work?

  • How is SRE responsibility affecting decisions being made in the board room?


  • Observability

  • Platform operations

  • Compliance and regulatory impact

  • Network performance and telemetry

Talk Formats:

  • 5-Minute Flash Talks

  • 25-Minute Practitioner Sessions

  • 45-Minute Panel Discussions

Other Things to Consider:

  • Flash Talks and Practitioner Sessions will be pre-recorded.

  • Deadline for submissions is April 11th

  • No experience is necessary. So long as you have a desire to be an active participant and have something that will add value to the community, we encourage you to submit a proposal.
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SRE Survey + SREFH Highlights

Did you attend last year’s SRE from Home event? Need to get those creative thoughts moving? Or are you new to the SRE community, and want to see what these events are all about? Download last year’s SRE survey results, participate in this year’s survey, or watch the highlights from last year’s events.