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Protecting Revenue through SLA Monitoring

Learn to manage service level agreements with data you can trust.

What is SLA Management?

SLA management is an urgent issue companies can’t afford to ignore. In this eBook learn ways to manage SLAs using our DEM solution to collect granular performance data to validate service reports from 3rd party vendors. Additional topics covered include: 

  • How to set expectations clearly defined metrics

  • Why multiple monitoring locations capture more reliable data

  • What reporting problems result from cloud-only monitoring

DEM relies on synthetic and real-user monitoring (RUM) to proactively monitor and alert if and when SLOs approach threshold boundary. APM tools can measure availability and performance, but DEM adds measures checking site reliability and reachability to detect and resolve micro-outages disrupting service in locations around the world.


Monitor Customers Not Code

APM vendors promote cloud-only solutions for code and server analysis, but data quality issues arise when these tools are hosted in same cloud environment as the sites or applications they're monitoring.


Manage Expectations with SLOs

Properly managed SLAs set expectations, ensure accountability, and build trusting relationships between service providers and consumers. By monitoring internal thresholds for service level objectives you can proactively detect and resolve performance issues without violating SLOs.


SLA Monitors Reduce MTTR

Interactive SLA reporting dashboards can alert if and when SLO thresholds are exceeded which helps determine whether or not a 3rd party vendors is responsible for performance issue.

Industry Leaders Rely on Catchpoint to Optimize SLA Management

Catchpoint’s synthetic monitoring helps us narrow our focus, analyze, and isolate specific waterfalls versus specific sessions and immediately see the problem. Then we can share that data with those partners, or wherever the problem may be, and rectify that quickly. That really helped us identify where a problem happened that was actually tied to a revenue loss...There are revenue implications for detecting a file change of a third-party partner that we weren’t expecting. Changes can and will happen, but Catchpoint helps us react quickly.

Sr. Director of Enterprise Monitoring Accuweather


Many parts of Autodesk’s business – from customer support to operations – rely upon SaaS applications like Salesforce for important functions. You can’t enforce agreements without monitoring SaaS applications, and with Catchpoint, we’ve been able to be refunded millions from breached SLAs. Catchpoint’s SaaS monitoring and alerting helps the IT team keep our lines of business up and running.

Application Monitoring Engineer Autodesk