Ask Me Anything Webcast

SLA Management Best Practices

Learn how leading companies are monitoring vendor performance, gathering metrics, and enforcing SLAs

Learn Why Having an SLA Signed and on File is not Enough

At our next AMA webcast Tuesday, September 24th at 1 PM EST


As the importance of digital in your company's revenue increases, so does the importance of third-party service level agreements (SLAs). Properly set and enforced SLAs provide customers with objective grading criteria as well as protection from the business impact of poor customer experiences. But, once the SLA contract ink has dried, how do you know if you or your vendor is meeting these criteria?

Our latest Ask Me Anything will give you a chance to ask performance experts about their strategies for successfully managing SLAs. These DevOps professionals will share insights on overcoming challenges in the field with practical solutions including:

  • Potential impact of poor third-party performance
  • Vendor benchmarking and comparison
  • Monitoring service level indicators (SLIs) and service level objectives (SLOs)

Meet our Panelists

  • Maira Zarate, Application Monitoring Engineer at Autodesk

  • Larry Paul, Enterprise Cloud Security Architect at IBM

  • Mehdi Daoudi, CEO & Co-Founder at Catchpoint