Bringing SIGNALFX Application Performance Monitoring together with CATCHPOINT Digital Experience Monitoring

SignalFX APM + Catchpoint DEM

Integrate Catchpoint’s experience data sources with SignalFX to supercharge your Observability framework. Rethink the IT perimeter for events, metrics, and tracing to gain end-to-end visibility all the way to the end user.

The IT perimeter for service delivery continually expands in size and complexity. Direct experience monitoring must be one of your key data sources to get higher in the stack, resulting in happier users who are free from service disruption.

Implementing Observable Experiences



In cases where event telemetry instrumentation is different from one platform to another, or where it does not exist at all, events will have to be synthesized to analyze your digital exhaust. For example, in a multi-CDN implementation (where there is no normalized instrumentation), a shift to experience data will separate signal from noise and add context for ensuring service reliability.

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Metrics like disk, CPU, and network latency are critical IT-centric metrics; metrics like page load, visually complete, and application render time are critical experience-centric metrics. Be sure to have both sets. For example, a high disk or CPU may or may not manifest in a high page load time from an experience perspective, so teams can alert and triage intelligently.

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Correlate the output of a service by extending the reach of your tracing. Instead of tracing a service call from an internal perspective to a line of code, match the IT perimeter by tracing a delivered experience from an external perspective. For example, is your users experience the way it is because of your code, the internet, or a condition of the end user environment itself?

SignalFX and Catchpoint Content Library

Integration Guide: Catchpoint and SignalFX

SignalFX provides real-time cloud monitoring and observability for infrastructure, microservices, and applications. The Catchpoint - SignalFX integration enables organizations to push data in real-time, directly from the nodes into SignalFX.

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Data Sheet: Catchpoint Digital Experience Monitoring

Catchpoint’s Digital Experience Monitoring provides comprehensive test types, real-time analytics, and a diverse node network to help you continuously preempt performance issues and optimize service delivery. This helps you to detect, identify, escalate, and fix performance issues faster than ever.

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Video: SignalFX Catchpoint Explainer

The speed to respond to an incident is vital to ensure a customers expectations are not just met, they are exceeded. See how pairing SignalFX and Catchpoint allows you resolve issues fast.

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Catchpoint, the global leader in Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), empowers business and IT leaders to protect and advance the experience of their customers and employees. In a digital economy, enabled by cloud, SaaS and IoT, applications and users are everywhere. Catchpoint offers the largest and most geographically distributed monitoring network in the industry – it’s the only DEM platform that can scale and support today’s customer and employee location diversity and application distribution. It helps enterprises proactively detect, identify and validate user and application reachability, availability, performance and reliability, across an increasingly complex digital delivery chain

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