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Benchmark CDNs with Catchpoint

In this How-To, you will:

  • Understand how CDNs have an impact on your online presence.
  • Learn how CDN benchmarking works.
  • Find out how to benchmark CDN performance using synthetic testing on Catchpoint’s Node Network.





IT Monitoring Trends 2021

Learn what cultural and technological changes will shape monitoring digital experiences for customers and employees across larger, more volatile networks, infrastructures, and service delivery chains after a year of remote IT operations.






CDN Observability – Why You Must Monitor Your Extended Infrastructure

The content delivery network (CDN) has been an integral part of application infrastructure for more than two decades. A CDN is critical to the end-user experience, but it is no longer considered to be just a caching server. It has evolved to provide security from cyber threats, including DDOS attacks along with front end optimization.