Jenny Craig is a weight loss, weight management, and nutrition company. With over 700 weight management centers in multiple locations globally, the company offers guided weight loss programs that include meals that are distributed to customers directly or through their centers. The Jenny Craig website allows customers to select and purchase plans and schedule appointments. Constantly monitoring website functionality is critical to Jenny Craig’s business. Watch Dominic Trelford, Network Security Operations Center Supervisor at Jenny Craig, explain how his team uses Catchpoint to manage website performance and availability.



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My name’s Dominic Trelford and I’m the supervisor at Jenny Craig’s Network Security Operations Center.

Jenny Craig provides one-on-one training and nutritional support and food for our customers.

Jenny Craig invests a lot in ensuring performance, because our top priority is to make sure that our website has one hundred percent uptime for all of our customer-facing resources.

Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring is very important for Jenny Craig’s customer experience.

We’re able to see when there’s a functionality impairment or issue as opposed to an availability impairment.

Catchpoint has had a major impact on the business. Both with cart and checkout functionality and with scheduling appointments.

Before Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring, outages or issues impacting either of these resources were generally much longer and took us a lot longer to determine the cause of the issue.

But with Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring, we’re able to see these issues the second they occur, even when availability is at one hundred percent and functionality is the only thing that’s changed.

When we do have issues, we’re able to fix them much faster than before and it’s had a definite impact on our ability to do business with our customers.

When we saw the level of detail that Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring could provide for our customers’ digital experience, we realized that we didn’t have anything like that monitoring our employee experience or our sales tool.

We wanted to be able to see issues on our sales tool that weren’t capturable by availability monitoring, only by functionality monitoring, and Catchpoint was able to provide us with a solution.

We were able to integrate Catchpoint at multiple levels in our monitoring stack, both with data collection and analysis in Splunk platform and in escalation.

We were able to connect Catchpoint to PagerDuty and ensure that payloads from Catchpoint alerts were routed properly to the right teams.

At this point, with those systems set up the way they are, Catchpoint, PagerDuty, and Splunk are able to work almost independently of an operator and we trust that they’re able to send alerts to the right team without waking somebody up that shouldn’t be woken up.

We’ve been able to develop a fantastic working business relationship with Catchpoint, both with our account manager, our support engineer, and the technical support that’s available to us 24/7.

24/7 support is almost unheard of in the business, especially with synthetic monitoring.

And the fact that we can contact Catchpoint at any time, day or night, holiday or no, to take a look at some of our systems is fantastic.

If you’re considering purchasing Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring, and you’re looking for a tool that can provide you with a high level of granularity, a 24/7 support team, an account team that’s here to help you work through any objective, there’s really no other tool on the market right now that can provide that level of support and that level of detail.