IT Monitoring Trends 2021

Learn what cultural and technological changes will shape monitoring digital experiences for customers and employees across larger, more volatile networks, infrastructures, and service delivery chains after a year of remote IT operations.

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IT Monitoring Trends 2021


From Single to Multi-CDNs

Companies will expand global coverage via service providers, but added complexity limits visibility local ISPs and last-mile.

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Holistic Employee Experience

Employee experience monitoring will shift focus from tool implementation to wider issues that prioritize job satisfaction and professional growth.

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Unified DevOps, NetOps, & SecOps

Organizations will reduce performance, reliability, and security risks by consolidating monitoring tools across network operations.

One lesson organizations embraced after going digital-first overnight is the value of monitoring to business continuity.

In IT Monitoring Trends 2021 we present seven trends likely to shape monitoring practices for IT teams entering year two of our new, unstable normal.

After reading IT Monitoring Trends 2021 you'll better understand some of the long-term implications of today's most pressing IT issues including:

  • Why IT asset management teams must get in front of rising SaaS Sprawl and Shadow IT usage among remote workforce.

  • Why forward-thinking SRE and Ops teams are bringing together observability and monitoring in a single framework.

  • Why short-term SD-WAN, SASE, and other Cloud-Based Security Services benefits introduce long-term visibility gaps. 

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