Equinix is a leader in the digital infrastructure space. The company provides digital leaders with a platform that guarantees flexibility, scalability, and security. Digital performance is crucial to Equinix as they help customers scale businesses with agility and ease without worrying about critical infrastructure. With more than 220 data centers in over 26 locations worldwide, Equinix strives to maintain 99.9% uptime. Top-tier enterprises, SaaS, and cloud providers rely on Equinix to deliver services and expect no compromise when it comes to digital performance. Equinix partnered with Catchpoint to ensure service reliability and offer their customers insights into observability and performance trends.

Watch Zachary Smith, General Manager of Bare Metal, explain how Equinix utilizes Catchpoint. 


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Read How Equinix Uses Catchpoint To Ensure Outstanding Network Performance

My name’s Zachary Smith and I’m the cofounder of Packet. We started Packet back in 2014 to connect a developer-driven enterprise with the power and automation of single-tenant hardware. With over 20,000 developer users, deploying single-tenant bare metal cloud in under 60 seconds, we’re excited to have joined Equinix in March of 2020.

Our customers are the most innovative and technology-driven companies in the entire world. They’re looking for a technology capability to drive their businesses, to create new markets, and to defend their leadership position. We find that performance is at the heart of what we do, and we know that the network is something that you have to buy from your cloud or Internet infrastructure provider like us. We’re challenged with how we deliver to our customers the observability and performance capabilities that they need.

There’s no doubt that Catchpoint offers a powerful tool. In fact the platform that they’ve built is, I think, unrivaled, in terms of observability for network performance, but what I really love about Catchpoint is their focus on innovation.

So many of our customers are software businesses that are delivering their application over our infrastructure and the network, or the network access that we provide to them. And so now more than ever we’re seeing that those SaaS platforms are extremely focused on the customer experience that they need for their end users. So, it’s really cool to see some of the unique approaches that Catchpoint is taking to approach how to best understand end-user experience and then tie that data back to not only us, but to our customers.

We actually have taken to bringing Catchpoint and the data that it provides us in front of the customer as part of a presales or customer success process. We can help them learn and understand how the Internet works.

If you care about the performance of your application, if you’re running either a network or a SaaS business, you should be looking at how you can get the observability and performance data you need. But more importantly, you should be finding a partner who can deliver to you, not only the tools and experience of data that Catchpoint can, but also a long-term road map and a passion about the same thing so you can drive the performance of your application.