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Managing DNS Performance with Synthetic Monitoring

Learn to get proactive in solving your 30-year DNS problem.

Learn More About Managing Your DNS

Read the ebook to learn the advantages synthetic testing offers when monitoring managed, in-house, or cloud-based DNS services including:

  • Detecting micro-outages in geographic areas by emulating end-user service conditions

  • Using monthly benchmark reports based on granular performance data to manage service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Monitoring for DDoS and cache poisoning in a multi-DNS environment

Three Reasons Now Is the Time to add Synthetic Monitoring to Your DNS Strategy

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1. The DNS industry is consolidating quickly.

Over the last decade, many companies have migrated from on-premise DNS infrastructure to managed DNS services. But, DNS provider shutdowns (Oracle + Dyn) and acquisitions (Neustar acquiring UltraDNS) are causing companies to evaluate their DNS services and vendors.  

2. You can’t afford DNS resolution issues.

DNS resolution is the link connecting end-users with your site, but performance issues at this critical juncture threaten your revenue and reputation.

3. You need a way to manage DNS provider SLAs.

Companies trust their DNS providers and their SLAs to ensure reliability and performance. Comprehensive monitoring strategies help these companies verify the SLAs are met by their vendors.

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