On-Demand Webinar

DevOps Guide to

Black Friday 2019

Implement a monitoring strategy leveraging our Digital Experience Monitoring platform to ensure optimal performance this holiday season.  



The cost of poor performance is rising

In 2018 the three-day period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday generated 8% of annual sales, approximately $17.8 billion, for e-commerce and online retailers. This rise in digital shopping has led to a rise in customer expectations, with a 2018 consumer study finding that 57% of respondents stopped shopping with a company and moved to a competitor who provided a better digital experience.

Digital Experience Monitoring delivers return on investment

In this webinar, Nith Mehta, VP of Technical Services at Catchpoint, will outline a 4-month preparation plan for e-commerce and online retailers spotlighting the advantages of Digital Experience Monitoring.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Testing website speed to reduce shopping cart abandonment

  • Monitoring for 3rd Party Vendors causing performance degradation

  • Correlating performance metrics to business revenue