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Flashtalking is an independent ad serving, measuring, and technology company, providing best-in-class digital advertising products, service, and support for online advertisers, key media buying, and creative agencies. Flashtalking serves billions of ad impressions throughout the US, Europe, and international markets for media groups including WPP, Publicis, Omnicom, and Havas.

Learn how Flashtalking uses Catchpoint's monitoring platform to manage their cloud performance, primarily with the multiple CDNs within their IT architecture, but also their different network and third-party infrastructure around the world.

“We decided to move to Catchpoint because it was the best solution for the volume of transactions, as well as the ISPs, the locations, and the types of delivery that Flashtalking deals with. Catchpoint had the largest geographic footprint as well as availability of ISPs to satisfy a wide variety of needs.”

– Director of IT at Flashtalking