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AutoScout24 is Europe’s largest online car marketplace. Over 10 million users visit and more than 2.4 million vehicle offers are made monthly on its sites. The company is present in 18 countries, and has more than 45,000 member dealers. Founded as MasterCar AG in Munich in 1998, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Scout24 Group, to which ImmobilienScout24 belongs as well. The two digital marketplaces empower people to fulfill their dreams for real estate and cars by making the entire experience simple, efficient and stress-free.
Learn how Catchpoint's proactive synthetic monitoring solution has enabled AutoScout24 to discover areas of opportunities for web improvement, significantly increase web speed, reduce triage and troubleshooting to minutes, and achieve overall operational efficiency.
"The speed and the reliability of a page has a direct impact on our conversion rate and how our customers experience the brand. If you have a webpage that's offline all the time that has a negative impact on your brand. Quite simply Catchpoint provides me with the deep intelligence that I need to avoid this happening."
– Senior WebOp Engineer at AutoScout24