Cloud Blindspots False Positives


There's a growing trend among Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) providers to offer public, cloud-only synthetic monitoring. However, cloud-only synthetic monitoring creates visibility gaps over large parts of the service delivery chain.

In this on-demand webinar, explore real-world examples of how a holistic monitoring strategy can identify issues before they impact real users. This is because a holistic monitoring strategy includes multiple vantage points from backbone/broadband, wireless, and cloud providers, as well as from local ISPs and within enterprise firewalls.

Cloud-only synthetic monitoring fails to identify:

  • Performance and availability issues related to specific geographies and local ISPs
  • Regional outages related to fiber providers, CDNs, & mobile networks
  • False alarms caused by cloud outages


  • Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-Founder, Catchpoint
  • Ranjana Devaji, Performance Engineer, Catchpoint