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Medianova is the biggest content delivery network (CDN) and streaming cloud services provider in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, working for brands as diverse as Microsoft, Unilever, Roche, Riot Games, Turkcell, eBay and Coca Cola. Its success in these fast-growing markets for online digital services is founded on how Medianova can match increasing use of the Internet and offer the fastest access and streaming of richer multimedia content for its customers. Independent analytic monitoring of how its network and cloud services are performing is crucial to how Medianova grows business and continually improves services for its customers.
"Being a cloud platform provider, our team needs to see where we are doing well and where we can improve to deliver even better value to customers in fast growing markets. Gaining these insights can only be done with analytical monitoring that’s truly international and lets us drill down into network performance issues. This is where Catchpoint steps in for us as we look to become a major force in cloud streaming services."
-CEO at Medianova