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HK Express is Hong Kong’s first and only low-cost carrier. Focusing on providing low fares and on-time reliability, HK Express brought true competition to the Hong Kong market and surrounding region. Since the company's first flight on October 27th, 2013, HK Express has added new destinations to its route portfolio. 

Click above to learn how HK Express leverages Catchpoint's global node network and backbone and last mile testing to maintain and improve customer experience throughout Asia. HK Express set up Catchpoint's monitoring strategy to ensure exceptional customer experiences on their sites in new and emerging Asian markets such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Saipan.

"Our monitoring tools and processes produced too many false alerts. With Catchpoint, however, we can filter and analyze alerts more efficiently, meaning that we can immediately handle a positive alert without delay."

– Manager of Web IT Infrastructure at HK Express