A comprehensive monitoring strategy should provide a complete picture of the application’s health from the end-user's perspective. The same level of insight available for users of your public-facing applications are needed for employee- and internal-facing applications, from where they are accessing the applications.
Catchpoint's Enterprise Nodes provide this capability, allowing you to utilize the power of Catchpoint wherever and whenever you need it.
This handbook discusses the value that Enterprise Node monitoring adds to your application monitoring strategy, and how it enhances and elevates application performance analysis.

This handbook covers:

  • Introduction to end-to-end monitoring capabilities from first to last mile
  • Enterprise Nodes for monitoring third-party services
  • A case study and resources from Honeywell, a multinational manufacturing company
  • A look at some real scenarios of various organization types leveraging Enterprise Nodes
  • Visualizing performance using Enterprise Nodes
EBK App Monitoring Enterprise Nodes