Website Performance Monitoring for
Media and Entertainment




Maintaining website performance monitoring for media and entertainment companies is critical in providing a seamless user experience, growing audiences to directly impact revenue, and in keeping content delivery smooth and optimized.

Catchpoint provides website performance monitoring solutions specifically tailored for media and entertainment's challenges - such as CMS optimization, stream and API monitoring, SLA monitoring, and test types like DNS, traceroute, TCP, transaction, HTML, and more - 13 more to be exact.

This handbook dives into key challenges that media and entertainment companies face with site performance and how to leverage specific Catchpoint solutions to ensure an optimal end user experience and seamless performance monitoring.

This handbook explores:

  • How website performance monitoring provides insight into the true end user experience with Catchpoint's speed index (synthetic) and visually complete (real user)
  • Key considerations with global content delivery via CDNs and Over-the-Top solutions
  • Hosts and zones monitoring for third party, SLA, and ad performance management
  • And much, much more