Last Minute Monitoring Tweaks for Black Friday

On-Demand Webinar Video



We’re in final stretches of preparation for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Ecomm’s Super Bowl. If you’re on the Ops team, your prep likely began the day after Holiday shopping ended last year; stress testing, failure simulating, and planning for the unexpected. Entering the code freeze, there are still ways to enhance your monitoring strategy for the big event.

In this webinar, Catchpoint’s ecommerce monitoring expert walks you through last minute tweaks you can make to your performance tests so you’re better prepared to quickly detect, identify, and resolve unexpected issues before they prevent sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Modifying multi-step transactions, test frequency, and DNS tests
  • Configuring more meaningful alerts 
  • Refining dashboards for more efficient data display, as well as creating 'executive' dashboards
  • Adding custom metrics to your synthetic tests to proactively monitor caching, data center availability, and APM integration