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What can you do with Catchpoint?

Measure Every Component

Don't just measure availability! Measure and monitor every component that impacts website performance. Including render start time, document complete, javascript errors and more.

Get End to End Visibility

Monitor from outside and inside the datacenter to get a full picture of your site performance.

Receive Actionable Alerts

Receive alerts on dynamic threshold breach, with detailed debugging information, including the request that impacted performance.

Be Efficient

Actively monitor performance and get notified immediately of issues with enough information to reduce troubleshooting time to minutes.

Slice and Dice Data

Chart multiple data points side by side to quickly correlate relationships, identify trends, and discover root causes.

Protect your Brand, Protect your Revenue

Be fast and reliable, keep your user happy, and they will keep coming back.

With Catchpoint we can proactively monitor everything web-FTP and HTTP requests, APIs or multi-step transactions. Their UI is very intuitive and flexible, and their analytics are very impressive. We can slice and dice data anyway we need to, so we can identify the issues much faster. Their alerts are very powerful, and they contain all the information that our NOC Team needs for efficient escalation. It is our standard support procedure to try to replicate customer issues and share the results with them so our customers and support team are on the same page when working on performance issues. We rely on Catchpoint for this, which saves us significant amount of time in our support process. Catchpoint technical support is also superb.”

Hossein Lofti

Director of Performance Engineering,

EdgeCast Networks Inc.

Ensuring constant customer and partner satisfaction is vital for Priceline. Catchpoint, originally purchased as our main alerting platform, has become our trusted go-to-strategic partner for continuous web performance monitoring, analysis and optimization. Not only can we more quickly identify and resolve problems, but Catchpoint's analytics have helped us uncover many new opportunities for system and business improvement. With Catchpoint, we can do significantly more monitoring for the same cost. We have already realized major improvements in web performance that we believe directly impact customer satisfaction.”

Michael Diliberto

CIO, North America, Priceline.com

Free Trial - Catchpoint
Free Trial - Catchpoint