Death to Downtime:
How to Quantify and Mitigate the True Costs of Downtime

On-Demand Webinar



Gartner estimates the average cost of downtime at $5,600 per minute, which multiplies to over $300K per hour. But what about the not-so-obvious costs like employee burnout, brand shaming and loss of customer loyalty.

With the right approach to monitoring and incident response, you can minimize (maybe even prevent) the impact and cost of downtime.  

Splunk + VictorOps and Catchpoint have teamed up for a webinar to show you:
  • How to uncover the hidden impacts of downtime and latency on your team, brand, customers, and bottom line
  • 5 monitoring best practices for proactively detecting when outages will occur so you can squash them before they impact your business
  • Why combining monitoring data with incident response can help you account for unknown unknowns