The True Impact of Tags 1.0

IT's Guide to Third Party Monitoring



Today's digital marketers are eager to utilize emerging technologies in order to create a more personalized experience for their customers. Whether it be analytics, tracking, social, or advertising platforms, it's common for a company to use over 20 third party technologies on their site to achieve their marketing goals.

While third party tags offer great value in the marketing perspective, they can cause major IT problems and leave your site vulnerable to performance-related issues, like latency and failure.

Download The True Impact of Tags: IT's Guide to Third Party Monitoring to learn how you can meet both performance and business expectations, while mitigating the potential risks that come with third party tags.

Key Takeaways:

  • The performance impact of third parties
  • Case studies demonstrating major outages caused by third parties 
  • Five tips for smarter tagging
  • Third party failure prevention plan