Modern Technology Strategies for Digital Experience Management



Technology is enabling organizations of all sizes to undergo digital transformation, focusing on business processes and delivering customers a more seamless and dynamic digital experience.

The challenge for Dev and Ops? The number of systems, tools, and services required to support today’s digital initiatives is dizzying, turning competitive advantage into disadvantage when poorly managed.

In this one-hour webinar, technology experts from the Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ), Catchpoint, and Datadog discuss how multiple technologies integrate to build quality digital experiences, and share best practices for managing digital experience performance, as adopted by the world’s top I.T. organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Interpret today's digital experience technology ecosystem, including the latest tools and technologies
  • Learn how to achieve full-stack observability for modern applications and infrastructure
  • Learn how to manage digital technology investments including measuring performance returns and enforcing SLA’s with providers

Hear from the following technology experts:

  • Bojan Simic - Founder, Digital Enterprise Journal
  • Zach Henderson - Performance Engineer, Catchpoint
  • Ilan Rabinovitch - DevOps Evangelist, Datadog