Tackling IT's Third-Party Tag Problem

Marketing technologies are exploding across the web.

Digital marketers are harnessing emerging analytics, tracking, social, and advertising platforms to calibrate their 1:1 marketing efforts and maximize ad revenue. To deliver the level of personalization a customer experiences today, a brand might easily use 20 or more web-based marketing technologies.

Sadly for IT/Operations, most applications must be added to the website using snippets of code, called third-party tags, which can slow down pages and leave sites vulnerable to failure if not managed properly.

Download our on-demand webinar with Tealium, Tackling IT's Third-Party Tag Problem, to learn about the effects that third-party tags can have on web performance. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Why the marketing technology landscape is growing faster than ever
  • New data revealing the impact of tags on website performance
  • Lessons learned from last year's biggest web outages caused by third parties
  • The role of tag management in managing your tags and optimizing performance
  • How to build a fail-safe third party monitoring and alert strategy


Case Study: Ask.com- Catchpoint

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