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Discover Earlier

Our rapid analytics allow you to pinpoint the issues that are plaguing your systems and resolve them before your users are impacted. Stay ahead of the curve to minimize the damage of inevitable failures, like packet loss and slow services

Manage Complexities

Unravel the intricacies of your systems by drilling down into your data across several layers like your network and DNS vendors, such as cloud providers, SaaS providers, and ISPs.

Increase Profit

Growing your revenue and reducing IT costs just got a lot easier. Eliminate the time you waste troubleshooting false positives and discover the issues that were going unnoticed by utilizing our multidimensional analytics and integrations.

Advanced Monitoring Features

Catchpoint Synthetic includes advanced monitoring features that will improve the daily functions of your business and boost productivity.

Create custom dashboards to tailor your monitoring solution to your specific needs. Several dashboards can be created to give each team a custom view. Use the public URLs to share performance charts with anyone.

Monitor the applications your company relies on for daily productivity. Also, our transaction testing uses Selenium scripts, allowing you to measure key workflows that your business relies on to deliver great customer experiences.

Troubleshooting is more efficient than ever with Catchpoint Synthetic monitoring. Use a screenshot or traceroute to 
quickly decipher the source of any problem.

Our intuitive alerting infrastructure can alert on any metric captured and offers historical trailing thresholds and trend shift detection. The alert email includes screenshots, traceroute, and DNS traversal.

"This proved the easiest business case that I have ever made to the executive team. Catchpoint paid for itself before we even finished our [proof of concept]. That simple POC environment was a game changer for us."
Paul Fries
Honeywell Monitoring Leader