An exploration of the SRE role and requirements

Live webinar March 14 | 2pm ET



After years of evolving as a role, Site Reliability Engineers are now a prominent function in many performance-focused organizations. But there still is not a widely-accepted definition of what that role encompasses and where it fits into IT organizations across industries. 

Early in 2018, Catchpoint surveyed 416 professionals with titles and responsibilities associated with an SRE to start forming a solid understanding of the SRE profile. Questions spanned hard and soft skills, organizational makeup, implementation strategies, and variances between industries and company size.

This upcoming live event will:

  • Explore the results of the SRE Survey and Report 2018
  • Connect the findings back to create a real-world profile of what it means to be an SRE
  • Discover how SREs are cementing themselves into IT Organizations
  • Detail what to look for when hiring and training an SRE