Guide to Web Performance for Media & Entertainment Sites




The success of today's media and entertainment companies depends on delivering seamless digital experiences across global devices. Optimizing web and mobile content is key in growing audiences and subscriptions, increasing ad revenue, and protecting your brand's reputation.

Pains & Proof Points:

  • Measuring the metrics that matter most to M&E companies to prove value in performance optimization
  • An analysis of content delivery across devices and platforms, increasingly more difficult with growing complexity of digital experiences
  • An exploration of four real-life case studies from interactive media companies that build a business case for performance monitoring

Solutions & Key Metrics:

  • Tracking performance across devices, ISPs, and locations
  • Third party tag and provider management and SLA validation
  • Delivering optimized images in any format as websites evolve
  • Validating performance as new technologies and releases are implemented
  • Webpage weight, response time, historical compare and waterfall charting