Using Digital Performance Analytics to Ensure Optimized User Experiences




With any online service provider, one of the biggest challenges is how to convey their value proposition to existing and prospective customers. For performance optimization services, that means relying on an unbiased third party monitoring platform that can show objective validation of the tool.

Watch the latest installment of OpsCast Spotlight, Using Digital Analytics to Ensure Optimized User Experiences, to learn how Teridion optimizes their customers’ end user experiences, and how Catchpoint has become a crucial part of their sales process. Teridion’s team joins Catchpoint performance expert Robert Castley to show how a business can improve their brand and bottom line with an in-depth digital analytics tool at your disposal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Factors that can impact performance, and how end user experience affects business revenues
  • How does Teridion’s optimization solution improve their customers’ online performance?
  • The role that Catchpoint plays in validating Teridion’s value proposition