How SPS Commerce Supported Optimal Performance During the Holidays

On-Demand OpsCast with SPS Commerce + Catchpoint



The holidays are a time of great stress for eCommerce companies. High traffic and marketing deployments can have an adverse effect on your website, and cause a number of performance issues. However, with the right performance monitoring tool, you can avoid downtime, optimize the customer experience, and protect your company.

Join us for Catchpoint's next OpsCast, How SPS Commerce Supported Optimal Performance During the Holidays, to learn how SPS Commerce, one of the world's foremost eCommerce integration platforms, was able to deliver outstanding user experiences for all of their customers. SPS Commerce's Systems Operations Director, Andy Domeier, will show how they used Catchpoint's synthetic monitoring tool to provide the best possible service to their clients.

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of omnichannel performance and user experience during the holidays.
  • The challenges SPS Commerce knew to plan for ahead of time.
  • Tactics taken by SPS Commerce to preempt performance issues and optimize service delivery.