Monitoring in the Financial Services Industry




While the Financial Services industry includes a range of sectors, insurers, bankers, and investors are all facing the same challenge: how to deliver exceptional digital experiences to end users. Customer experience, as McKinsey reports, is generating significant separation in growth among banking and finance providers because "customers now expect interactions to be simple, intuitive, and seamlessly connected across physical and digital touchpoints." However, to exceed customer expectations and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, financial service organizations require a modern performance monitoring strategy. 

In our latest eBook, Monitoring in the Financial Services Industry, learn why industry leaders are equipping their organizations with digital experience monitoring platforms when it comes to tackling today's most challenging tech problems. 

In this ebook you'll learn about:

  • Accelerating customer adoption of new mobile payment options
  • Providing secure cloud infrastructures and services
  • Converting currencies into new cryptocurrency value units like Bitcoin
This ebook introduces readers to Catchpoint's robust suite of performance monitoring resources highlighting different ways digital experience monitoring empowers financial service providers to maintain application reliability, prevent security breaches, and manage SLA agreements.