How Autodesk Delivers Seamless
Customer Experience with Catchpoint

On-Demand Webinar



We now live in the age of the digital experience. Companies like Amazon have changed expectations by consistently delivering pages that load in 2.5 seconds or less. Every customer and employee now expects a seamless, smart, and stable experience. We all realize that delivering digital experiences at scale is not easy.  Visibility gaps from legacy monitoring solutions make things harder.

On February 21, join Autodesk and Catchpoint as they discuss how they have applied the principles of Digital Experience Monitoring to comprehensively detect, identify, escalate, and remediate experience issues missed by legacy monitoring approaches. 

Autodesk will share the following Digital Experience Monitoring use cases:

Autodesk shares the following Digital Experience Monitoring use cases:

  • Edge Monitoring including CDN and DNS
  • Third-Party Service Monitoring including API and Extensions
  • Web Monitoring including Content and SSL
  • SaaS Monitoring including Transaction and Traceroute
In this on-demand recording, learn how your IT organization can improve uptime and performance for every customer and employee that interacts with your applications.


  • Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-Founder, Catchpoint
  • Maira Zarate, Application Monitoring Engineer, Autodesk
  • Samy Senthivel, Sr. Monitoring Services Manager, Autodesk