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Network Monitoring
Web Application Performance
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DNS Monitoring
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API Monitoring
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Identify issues impacting your service’s SLAs

You can’t stop things from breaking, but you can quickly identify and resolve an issue before you breach your SLA. You need to receive alerts when SLAs pass specific thresholds; whether your SLA includes broad or fine-tuned metrics. When you track the performance of network and application components, you can identify whether the issue is with DNS, APIs, or an ISP. By categorizing and tracking first and third-party components, you can quickly identify where problems occur.

Don't let false positives impact SLAs

Have confidence in the quality and cleanliness of your data so false positives do not impact your SLAs.

Adjust service levels with actionable insights

Plan, measure, analyze, and model to adjust your service levels with actionable insights. Don't breach your SLAs—receive real-time alerts when a service level indicator exceeds a threshold.

Track SLA compliance from the end user

Track SLA compliance from the end user’s perspective, whether they are inside or outside the firewall, using a broad set of backbone ISPs and Enterprise nodes.

Collaborate with partners and share information

Transparency is essential for SLAs, don’t implicitly trust that everything is fine. Bring the facts regarding speed, availability, and reliability to customers, vendors, and partners.

Deploy SLA widgets

Add SLA widgets to your dynamic dashboards.

Share dashboards externally

Securely share any chart with external recipients.

Easily highlight SLA performance

Deliver color-coded reports on SLA performance in real-time.

Protect SaaS revenue through SLA monitoring

Diligent SLA monitoring is dependent on a powerful synthetic monitoring solution that can replicate the end user experience while measuring from both backbone and last mile locations. Backbone tests, which eliminate noise that is out of the vendor’s control (e.g., local ISP or user hardware issues), are the most valuable for SLA monitoring and validation. Last mile and real user metrics provide additional context on the actual end-user experience.

Keep the digital supply chain healthy

Meet SLAs by testing the performance and availability of an application from across the digital supply chain.

Validate SLA compliance

Utilize synthetic and real user monitoring to validate SLA compliance in a neutral way.

Test where end users are prevelant

Test infrastructure from many locations, ISPs, and cloud networks to deliver a quality end user experience.

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