Guided Intelligence

Quickly Identify and Resolve Problems to Reduce Your Time to Resolution



There are many terms used to classify and measure incident response times, and this presents a challenge to IT operations teams. MTTR is often used, but it can have many different meanings including: mean time to repair, mean time to recovery, or mean time to resolve. But before you can even begin solving a problem, you have to detect it, adding another layer of complexity to measuring repair times.

Get our Guided Intelligence ebook, and learn how you can cut through data faster, deliver fast and reliable performance, and reduce the impact of incidents by putting the right processes, goals, and tools in place.

This ebook explores:

  • What different problem resolution metrics mean and how they differ from one another
  • How to extract valuable insights across vast amounts of performance and event data using Catchpoint's algorithmic approach
  • How to reduce your time to resolution, ultimately increasing revenue and driving costs down