Using Webhooks to Access Big Performance Data in Real Time

On-Demand OpsCast with Google + Catchpoint



As the size and scope of our digital systems grow, so does the amount of performance data that you must collect to ensure that those systems are operating at optimal levels. This is a particularly difficult challenge for enterprise companies that have a wide variety of digital properties under their control, as the sheer amount of data can be overwhelming. DevOps pros and SREs must be able to catalog, correlate, and analyze data in a matter of minutes during incident resolution; otherwise companies risk missing SLAs and having irate customers.

To overcome this challenge, Catchpoint offers Test Data Webhooks, specifically designed to manage and review mass quantities of performance data in real time.

In this latest installment of OpsCast Spotlight, Using Webhooks to Access Big Performance Data in Real Time, Google details how they have integrated Catchpoint Webhooks with their own cloud-based storage and visualization tools, and the positive business impact that they have seen as a result.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ways in which webhooks help users overcome the pool-based limits of APIs
  • How has Google utilized Test Data Webhooks using data storage and visualization tools?
  • Examples of performance problems that were detected through Catchpoint's real-time data