DevOps for Finance

Reducing Risk Through Continuous Delivery



DevOps has often been characterized as a speedier time-to-market tool, but many financial service software insiders aren’t sure whether this popular practice represents solution or suicide. In this report, author Jim Bird explains other DevOps benefits that are far more important for the financial services industry, such as improving security and compliance, reducing technical risks and operational costs, and increasing transparency.

Bird, a CTO with extensive experience in the global financial industry, has updated this report with current case studies that reflect recent events and trends in the financial services industry. You’ll also learn about related technological concerns that include containers, microservices, and security (devsecops).

This report explores:

  • The challenges facing any would-be change agent advocating for DevOps
  • DevOps methodologies such as continuous delivery, test automation, security as code, compliance as code, incident response, secure infrastructure as code, and more
  • Moving from a project-delivery orientation to an operational mindset
  • Real-world strategies for maintaining control over change, minimizing security risks, and meeting compliance and governance requirements