How a CDN Provider is Critical to Delivering Amazing Digital Experiences

On-demand webinar with Medianova + Catchpoint 



Today, websites are nothing like they used to be a few years ago. CSS, JS, HD images and video are common in today's sites and help deliver highly interactive and customized content specific to a user’s browsing habits and geographical location. It’s crucial that such content is delivered as fast as possible – wasted seconds can cost companies in revenue and customer loyalty.

Medianova is the fastest secure content delivery network (CDN) and streaming cloud services provider in EMEA, working with brands as diverse as Roche, Riot Games, Turkcell, eBay and Coca Cola. This webinar will illustrate how Catchpoint and Medianova work together to detect, fix and prevent issues before end-users are impacted.

Key Takeaways:

  • Provide independent third-party validation of their global service delivery
  • Identify and troubleshoot latency, bottlenecks, and other performance issues with their clients’ web content
  • Differentiate performance metrics between first- and third-party problems
  • Benchmark performance against historical data