Enroll in a skill development course consisting of 6 live virtual classes, instructed by experts in the field of IT Operations & Monitoring.
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    Learn best practices for testing & optimization

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    Apply training directly to your business

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    Elevate your skills and site’s performance


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What you get from Classroom

Free instruction from
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Performance Analytics Certification

Website Testing & Optimization Course

Optimizing Your Objects

Instructor: Robert Castley, Sr. Performance Engineer

Robert, co-creator of Mambo, will walk you through several optimizations that could shave valuable seconds off your page load time. View the class

Performance Charts You Need to Know How to Read & Create

Instructor: Leo Vasiliou, Dir. Web Performance Engineering

Leo, author of, will cover the go-to chart types for Performance junkies and illustrate how to read, create, and use them to optimize your site.

View the class

Choosing the Best CDN(s) for Your Website with Synthetic Tests

Instructor: Zach Henderson, Performance Engineer

Zach will show you how to setup benchmark tests, identify valuable metrics, and provide the right questions to ask your providers so you can choose the best CDN(s) for your business.

Troubleshooting Like a Boss: DIG, Traceroute, & Looking Glass

Instructor: Roman Kurjewicz, Sr. Linux Administrator

Roman will dive into leading troubleshooting techniques DIG, Traceroute, and Looking Glass and show how to locate, analyze, and resolve issues like a boss.

Around the World in .03 Seconds: A Visual Overview of Internet Networking

Instructor: Andrew Smirnov, Performance Engineer

Andrew will present a visual walkthrough of all the layers of internet networking from DNS, ISPs, Routing and BGP. Learn how it all works in ‘around the world in .03 seconds’.

Learn from Your Rivals: Benchmarking 101

Instructor: Ranjana Devaji, Performance Analyst

Ranjana will share best practices for creating and analyzing Performance Benchmarks, from simple web page tests to more complex transaction tests.