CDN Monitoring

As the Internet evolved, websites have become more complex.
This complexity is largely due to the size and type of content found on every
webpage. To provide the best user experience possible, Content Delivery
Networks (CDNs) have become a staple in every successful website.

While a CDN helps deliver your content faster to all of your
users, these providers also come with the same risk as implementing any third
party. Their performance is out of your control, therefore if your CDN
experiences issues, your website will as well. This is why CDN monitoring has
become a crucial element to your overall digital business strategy. 

Catchpoint offers a holistic approach to CDN performance
monitoring, allowing you to monitor all of your key elements and third parties
including your CDN provider. To learn more about how monitoring your CDN can
improve your user experience and how Catchpoint can help, check out our
resources below.

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