Chaos Engineering
+ DiRT

Breaking systems to build resiliency

Ask the leaders of Netflix’s Chaos Engineering and Google’s Disaster Recovery Testing (DiRT) exercises anything cloud, distributed systems, and controlled chaos.

Went live on April 26

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Who's on the panel?

Bruce Wong

Senior Engineering

Bruce Wong

Bruce is a technology leader at Twilio, a Cloud Communications Platform that enables developers to integrate rich communication into products. Prior to Twilio, Bruce founded Chaos Engineering at Netflix; a team that set out to change the way engineering thought about how to own and operate large-scale, resilient systems.

Casey Rosenthal

Engineering Manager
(Traffic & Chaos Team)

Casey Rosenthal

Casey is currently the Engineering Manager for the Traffic Team and the Chaos Team at Netflix. He finds opportunities to leverage his experience with distributed systems, artificial intelligence, translating novel algorithms and academia into working models, and selling a vision of the possible to clients and colleagues alike.

John Welsh

Cloud Infrastructure and SRE Disaster Recovery

John Welsh

John is a program manager for Cloud Infrastructure and Site Reliability Engineering Disaster Recovery at Google. John’s work includes building the world’s most reliable Cloud everywhere quickly and causing controlled disasters (and recovering from them safely) during Google’s DiRT (Disaster Recovery Testing) week.

Andrew Smirnov

Performance Engineer

Andrew Smirnov

Andrew is a performance engineer at Catchpoint and the host of the previous three AMAs on HTTP/2, DevOps & SRE, and Outages. Andrew helps enterprise clients with their testing strategy and provides visibility into the performance and availability of their applications. Prior to Catchpoint, Andrew dealt with real-time media for Skype while working at Microsoft.

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